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The Royal Transformers company is leading the transformer market with the help of its efficient and highly experienced engineering team. The experts use eminent hacks and technologies to bring best transformer range for the clients based in India and other countries. They are offering transformers oil filtration services, transformer oil purification, and transformers repairing solutions to their global clients.

Maintenance of transformer device is important because when these devices stop working, the whole system attached to it collapse. Manufacturers are offering best on line transformer oil filtration and purification services at best rates to their customers. They are also providing expert assistance to the users for transformer oil filtration. Users can follow the guidelines shared by the experts of Royal Transformers for best results. There is a versatile service system used by professionals in order to bring the best services and convenience among the clientele to sustain durability of the purchased transformer.

High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Systems

There are certain reasons to choose Royal Transformers in India. Let’s discuss them all-
  1. We provide post sale services that include on line transformer oil purification and filtration. These services facilitate smooth functioning of the product that was intended and customized for the client.
  2. Our expert team handles the intricate services like purification and instilling of oil filtration solution.
  3. We provide repairing facilities for entire range of transformers including 11kv, 22kv, 33 kv, 66 kv, and 132kv class transformers.
  4. We have a list of happy customers. You can rely on our services and buy transformers and maintenance services and let our experts do their rest of the job.
Our Transformer oil filtration solution is accepted by the clients as it serves them the best results.


Ultra high vacuum type oil purifying and filtration plant is ideal for determining oil leakage in power transformer and reconditioning of used oil in EHV class power transformer shunt Reactor and other oiled filled equipments. The process used by experts is simple to perform. They first heat the oil and then pass it through the well-designed filter and later, it is treated by vacuum, which further dehydrate and degasify the oil to meet certain specifications-

  Parameters   Before Conditioning   After Conditioning
  Removal of Moisture   100 PPM   3 PPM 
  Removal of dissolved Gases   10% by vol.   0.1% by vol.
  Break down voltage   20 KV   70 KV
  Vacuum level of degassing   -   0.1 mbar
  Chamber   -   -
  Filtering capacity   Many micron   1 Micron
We design transformer power plant to meet the IS-6034 1989 standards with the latest modification or revision. The design helps in achieving high vacuum and low temperature of transformer oil. We intend the plant to feature independent pumping system that is also used to degas chamber.

The plant is equipped with control and indication panel that comes with complete automation and is made with weatherproof to ensure safe transformer service. To ensure successful servicing of transformer, our experts have assured the customers that all the components used for constructing transformer have the desired strength and rigidity to withstand several conditions of handling transport. During repairing of transformer, we ensure that the parts don’t have any corners or edges to avoid any injury during usage.

The plant includes the following components –

Inlet pump

While starting repairing, electrically driven positive displacement gear pumps of 6500 LPH capacity will be offered. The pump we use in the device is tested and is ideal for continuous trouble free operation during the complete overhauling process. It has automatic protection against over pressure.

The oil inlet pump has interlock arrangement and the heater to minimize energy loss and oil leakage. Unless the inlet pump is on, heaters cannot be energized. Interlocking arrangement will be offered in the Filter Plant between the Inlet pump and High level float switch, to avoid excessive rise of oil in the degassing chamber.

Magnetic Strainer preliminary filter

The transformer servicing also includes the procedure of magnetic strainer that is offered to prevent any type of damage to the inlet pump. It has the capacity of retaining all particles with more than 0.5 mm size and all magnetic particles. So, the incoming oil will pass through this filter and avoid oil leakage. The strainer used can be cleaned without taking the filter out from the pipeline.


Heaters are used during the servicing period to protect tubes from overheating, hot spot, and breaking of oil. Heaters are able to heat oil from ambient temperature to 800 C. Temperature during degassing and dehydration process is maintained by experts within 60 degrees C for deriving good results.

Pre filters

There is a filter cartridge used for eliminating the contaminants above 10-micron size. The unit is installed with vent and drain valves, pressure gauge at inlet and outlet and other necessary accessories. Necessary bypass system will be offered with valve.

Degassing chamber – two stages

The degassing chamber is a welded M.S. construction offered with the twin objective of expelling dissolved gases and humidity from the transformer oil. The chamber has ability to withstand the vacuum. The air valve installed in the degassing chamber lowers the vacuum when excessive foaming in the oil occurs.

Other parts are Ionic Reaction Column, vacuum pumping system, mechanical booster pump, micro filter and air compressor, oil extraction pump, control panel, and electrical system.

Royal transformer manufacturers provide quality transformer oil filtration services, transformer purification, transformer repairing, on line transformer oil filtration, and purification solutions at competitive price. You should contact the support desk and share your requirement or make requests and the experts will serve you the best transformer oil filtration solution.

Mail your requirement today and get a quote from Royal transformer manufacturers. They are also offering custom solutions to global customers.