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Transformers Manufacturing And Repairing Institutes Suggest Vacuum Oil Treatment And Filtration

Now perform transformer oil filtration process by heating, dewatering, degassing and purifying transformer oil and make it reusable.
When the oil is heated and conveys to the tank in a hot vacuum, it tends to vaporize the water content and expelled it by the vacuum pump. While oil flows inside the filter, all the impurities get stuck into the fine mesh of the filter core and in this way, transformer repairing institutes and centers perform transformer oil filtration process to treat the oil and remove moisture, dissolved gas, and other contaminants from the oil.

What Are The Basic Characteristics Of Transformer Oil Treating System?

The system has four major departments-
  • Degassing or Dewatering
  • Heating
  • Filtration
  • Operating
1. Degassing or Dewatering System- The intended dewatering and degassing structure makes the insulation oil completely exposed to acquire the degasification effect and optimal dehydration.

2. Filtration System - Specially designed and premium filter cartridge enhanced the filter efficiency to 100 times greater than an old filter design while removing the contaminants.

3. Heating System - With indirect radiation heating technology and minimum surface heating efficiency, insulation oil remains untouched from decomposition by partial overheating.

4. Operating System - Transformers have easy to operate system that can be handled by intuitionistic touch screen control.

Transformer oil filtration process helps in enhancing performance of the device and makes it more durable and energetic to perform its routine operations. Various models introduced by manufacturers-
  • Single stage vacuum oil treatment plant
  • Double stage vacuum oil treatment plant
  • Variable flow high performance double-stage vacuum oil treatment plant
  • High performance double stage vacuum oil treatment plant
Oil treating plants are must for carrying out filtration process for transformer oil. It will help in eliminating all contaminants from oil used in liquid filled transformers and make the operations smooth and easy-going.