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Types Of Transformer Protection Explained By Indian Power Transformer Exporters

Transformer devices are electrical energy transmitting devices that transfer power electricity from one circuit to another via the magnetic field without making any changes in frequency. Power transformer exporters in India supply majorly two kinds of transformers to rest of the industries, i.e. Power transformers and distribution transformers.

How industries are making use of transformers?

In this era of modern transmission system, industries understand the importance of transmitting the power at high level. The process of electrical power production is not economical at such a high voltage. This is where transformers come in to enhance the level of voltage by generating voltage to higher level where the loss is very low.

Transformer is also used as booster in distribution system for a better regulation of voltage.

What are the general faults occur in a transformer?

There are mainly four types of faults occur into transformer-

  • Open circuit
  • Winding short circuit fault
  • Over heating
  • Faults due to lightening

Is there any way to protect a transformer?

Yes, manufacturers suggest five ways to protect a transformer. These are as follows-

  • Buchholz relay
  • Over Current Relay
  • Earth fault relay
  • Differential Relay
  • Digital relay

What do you understand about earth fault protection?

An earth fault includes a half-done breakdown of winding insulation to earth. It is advantageous to use an earth fault relay under such circumstance. Core balance protection is one the methods used for protecting Power transformers in India.

How one can protect the transformer from lightening?

It is always better to provide protection of transformer against surges and transient. Most of the time users of transformers implement certain devices for protecting transformers against lightening surges. A few devices are listed below-

  • Overhead ground wires
  • Earthing screen
  • Lightning arrestor

Replacement of transformers is costly affair and time consuming. This is why user depends on high speed, highly sensitive and reliable protective relays to determine the faults. For this, differential protection has been used as main protection for most of the transformer devices. Now you may ask what differential protection is. It is based on any fact in the electrical equipment that would let the current entering it, to be distinct from that leaving it.

Power transformer exporters from India have just explained the types of protection used by industries in order to protect their transformers and avail efficient performance every time.